by GZUTEK, MidnightJD



Blasted away by how well this song came out, that day the mic was getting #StatisticAF down at MG head quarters. Stronghoooorn! JD was messing with some 808 subs, subtle Hi's and off kilt Snares infused with DMX sample barks. and asked me if I wanted to get on some keys.

I said strings and choir stat, next thing I knew he had the bare bones of the beat and it was soo grimy that we kept it that way. I said punch me in JD and went from beat creation to note pad to mic all in the space of an hour and a quater.

This is legit one of the finest collabos working with JD since he began honing his production skills.

We decided to cut this from my upcoming album, reason being that it doesn't fall into the "Chronicle" feel / vibe, we're going for something allot more organic and authentic there, this track however, stands on it's own energy. Bless


releases February 9, 2018
Produced by MidnightJD & Gzutek
Written By R. Ptaszek & J. Emmenidis
Recorded @ Stronghorn Studios



all rights reserved


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Gzutek Melbourne, Australia

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